Kyushu, Shikoku, and More

Japan 2014
Kyushu, Shikoku, and More
March 18 - April 2, 2014

Day 1, Tue., March 18 – Los Angeles Int’l Airport
Leave home for our just after mid-night flight to Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport.

Day 2, Wed., March 19 – Los Angeles Int’l Airport
Board the All Nippon Airways over-night flight, crossing the International Date Line to Tokyo.

Day 3, Thurs., March 20 – Tokyo to Fukuoka
Arrive Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport and change planes to the tour start city of Fukuoka, Island of
Kyushu, Japan’s third largest island, arriving late morning. We begin with a sight of the city from Fukuoka
Tower, then on to Canal City for lunch on your own at Ramen Stadium and a bit of shopping, if you wish,
before checking into the hotel. Enjoy the hotel grounds or just relax before our Welcome Dinner Buffet.  (D)
Day 4, Fri., March 21 - Fukuoka
After breakfast this morning, we will visit Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, a Shinto Shrine. Following lunch on your
own, a boat tour of Yanagawa “Venice of Japan” awaits. Dinner on your own at a dining venue of your choice
within Hakata Station, before returning to the hotel.  (B)
Day 5, Sat., March 22 - Fukuoka - Nagasaki
Breakfast at the hotel. Today we travel to Nagasaki. Upon arrival we will visit Chinatown and enjoy a Nagasaki
champon lunch. From there we will pay our respects with a visit to the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall, Peace
Park and Hypocenter of the Atomic Bomb Explosion before going to the hotel. (B, L)
Day 6, Sun., March 23 – Nagasaki
After breakfast this morning, we will spend the entire day in Nagasaki visiting Dejima (originally an island built
to house Portuguese Traders and later became a Dutch Trading Post), Oura Catholic Church (Japan's oldest
existing wooden church) and Glover Garden. We will then return to the hotel for some free time before
departing this evening by public transportation and cable car, for a night view of the city from Mt. Inasa
(weather permitting).   (B)

Day 7, Mon., March 24 – Nagasaki - Shimabara - Kumamoto
After breakfast, we will make our way to Shimabara, making a stop at Mizunashi Honjin Fukae Road Station (Volcano Eruption Park) where you will have lunch on your own. This afternoon, we board a ferry to Kumamoto. Upon arrival, we will visit Kumamoto Castle.   (B)

Day 8, Tue., March 25 - Kumamoto - Mt. Aso - Beppu
Start the day with breakfast in the hotel, then visit Suizenji Park before leaving the city for Mt. Aso, Japan’s
most famous active volcano and take the ropeway to the crater’s edge. We will then make our way to the hotel
in Beppu, one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country. Dinner in the hotel this evening. (B, D)
Day 9, Wed., March 26 - Beppu - Yawatahama - Matsuyama
Following breakfast, we will visit a couple of Beppu’s Jigoku (Hells). We will visit Umi Jigoku, sea hell featuring
a pond of boiling, blue water and Chinoike Jigoku, blood pond hell, a pond of hot, red water. After lunch on your
own, we will leave Kyushu and aboard a ferry to Yawatahama Port on the Island of Shikoku and on to
Matsuyama, Shikoku’s largest city.   (B)
Day 10, Thurs., March 27 - Matsuyama - Takamatsu
After breakfast, we will make our way to Takamatsu. You will have the opportunity to learn how to make udon
and have it for lunch, as well. After lunch, we will visit Ritsurin Park (chestnut grove garden), one of the most
famous and most beautiful historical gardens in Japan dating back to the Edo Period (early 1600s), then on to
our hotel for the night.   (B, L)
Day 11, Fri., March 28 - Takamatsu - Naruto - Kobe
Breakfast at the hotel. Board the coach to Naruto Ohashi for a boat ride to see the whirlpools, a natural
phenomena in the Straight of Naruto, provided the tides are in our favor. After lunch, on your own, we will
leave the Island of Shikoku and on to Kobe, one of Japan’s ten largest cities.   (B)
Day 12, Sat., March 29 - Kobe
After breakfast today, we will spend the entire day in Kobe, visiting the Kobe Earthquake Memorial Museum,
commemorating the January 17, 1995 Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. From there we will make our way to
the Nada Sake District, Japan’s top sake producing region, to see how sake is brewed.  Before going back to the
hotel, we will visit the Kobe Port Tower.   (B)
Day 13, Sun., March 30 - Kobe - Shiga - Nagoya
This morning after breakfast, we make our way to Shiga to visit an ancient school of ninjyutsu, Koga Ninjyutsu
Yashiki and Hikone Castle, one of four castles designated a national treasure of Japan and end our day in
Nagoya. Tonight, please pack an overnight bag and prepare your luggage to be sent to Yokohama in the
morning.   (B)
Day 14, Mon., March 31 - Nagoya - Ise - Toba - Nagoya
Breakfast in the hotel. Before leaving the hotel today, your luggage will be brought to the lobby for shipment to
our Yokohama hotel. Today we will make our way to Ise Jingu Naiku, one of two Ise Shrines and the older of the
two shrines, which was established in the 3rd century. Lunch on your own, will be at Okage Yokocho, featuring
various shops and restaurants. After lunch, we will make our way to Toba and Mikimoto Pearl Island where we
will see a female pearl diver demonstration before returning to our Nagoya hotel.   (B)
Day 15, Tue., April 1 - Nagoya - Yokohama
Start the day with breakfast at the hotel. This morning, we will travel to the city of Toyota, to tour the Toyota
Factory. After lunch on your own, we will visit a Miso Factory before boarding the Shinkansen (bullet train)
to Yokohama.   (B)
Day 16, Wed., April 2 - Yokohama - Kamakura - Yokohama - Haneda (Tokyo)
After breakfast, we will go to Kamakura visiting the Hase Temple (Hasedera), a temple of the Jodo Sect, and the
Great Buddha (Kamakura Daibutsu), a bronze statue of Amida Buddha and the second tallest bronze Buddha
statue in Japan.  After lunch on your own, we will return to Yokohama and visit the Red Brick Warehouse,
where you will have time to do some last minute shopping. This evening, we will enjoy our Farewell Dinner
before making our way to Haneda International Airport, leaving Japan with fond memories.   (B, D)
Day 17, Thurs. April 3 - Haneda (Tokyo) - Los Angeles on April 2
Board the All Nippon Airways mid-night flight to Los Angeles, crossing back over the International Date Line,
arriving in Los Angeles on April 2; gaining back the day we lost on the flight to Tokyo.
LAND ONLY COST: $5,200 per person, based on two people sharing a twin-bedded room.
For single occupancy, there is a $500 single supplement.
AIRFARE: Airfare will be provided separately based on the lowest economy class fare at the time of booking.
TOUR GUIDE: Mr. Shigeru Shinohara, our English speaking guide in Japan
TOUR ESCORT: Sharon Seto, Yamato Travel Bureau
NOTE: Itinerary is subject to change without notice.

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