Dubrovnik - and the Dalmatian Coast

 September 8th to the 16th, 2013

A leisurely tour to some of the prettiest places in Europe. Join us on a wonderful journey along the stunning Adriatic sea as we visit Croatia and Montenegro.  You’ll experience a long-forgotten part of Europe, and enjoy some  of the finest hospitality, cuisine and scenery along the way!

Day one – Sunday, September 8th, 2012 – overnight flight to Split, Croatia
On a typical tour, a Yamato staff person will meet you at LAX and introduce you to your travel companions (other people who have chosen this tour) - then you will board an overnight flight to Split in Croatia.

Day two – Monday, September 9th - Split
Today you arrive in Croatia - one of the prettiest and most interesting countries in Europe. You’ll meet Philippe, your travel escort, at the airport. A short ride to a nearby village will bring you and your group to your comfortable hotel where you’ll have time to freshen up and rest from your flight. You can enjoy a light snack (we generally provide you with fresh fruit upon check-in). Some clients choose to “put their feet up” and rest from their travels. If you don’t feel like resting, Philippe will be more than happy to provide you with his cure for jetlag: a nice walk to explore a bit of the town. This evening we’ll regroup and you’ll enjoy a nice
welcome dinner. (D)

Day three – Tuesday, September 10th – visit the Krka Valley, return to Split area for overnight 
A wonderful aspect of this tour is that we stay in the same hotel for three nights, a nice treat on a European land tour! After breakfast this morning, we take the drive inland to the Krka Valley where the river Krka flows through a series of gorges, lakes and rapids before meeting the sea. The whole valley has been awarded national park status and today we will visit part of this stunning area. It is home to an eye-catching series of lakes where water cascades from one to the next in an extensive series of interlocking, dramatic waterfalls and cataracts. Due to minerals dissolved in the water, the colors change from turquoise to azureblue and vibrant green to steel-like greys. With reflections of the surrounding majestic peaks and luxuriant forests dancing on the
mirror-like lakes, it is impossible not to be awe-struck. We’ll take a boat trip up to one of the most dramatic stretches of the river where several tiers of waterfall tumble magnificently into a broad, shallow pool. We will spend some time taking in the beautiful surroundings before returning to our hotel this afternoon. Tonight we’ll enjoy a really nice dinner together.  (B, D)

Day four – Wednesday, September 11th – visit Croatia’s Coastline and Split
Today we drive north along the stunning coastline before arriving at Split, principally famous for a single building, in fact one of the greatest structures of the Roman Empire – the huge palace of the Emperor Diocletian. No expense was spared in its construction, marble came from Italy and columns and sphinxes came from Egypt. What makes the palace so special is that during medieval times it was fully integrated into the fabric of the town with a jumble of buildings grafted onto it.  This meant for example the temple of Jupiter became a baptistry. All the more fascinating is that today 3,000 people still live within its walls. You will find surprises at every turn: there are tall medieval buildings lining the streets but buttressed by unmistakable roman columns! This morning we will have a guided walking tour of this fascinating complex. This afternoon we visit the nearby
medieval citadel of Trogir, one of the most charming little ports in Dalmatia. The old-town is actually
an island and a wealth of Renaissance and Romanesque buildings line a veritable maze of delightfully chaotic lanes, nestling behind its seemingly impregnable ramparts. The centre is the exquisitely decorated 13th century cathedral, but the real monument is the town itself. Just to wander where your feet take you, cast an eye over one of the antique shops or just enjoy a coffee in a pavement café is a real pleasure before returning to our hotel in time for dinner. A wonderful dinner awaits! (B, D)

Day five – Thursday, September 12th – travel along the Coast to Dubrovnik
This morning we depart, heading south, our journey hugging the beautiful coastline. We then traverse the river Neretva delta, a veritable haven for birdlife before arriving at the ancient town of Mostar perched on lofty cliffs overlooking the turbulent river below. Once a provincial capital of the Ottoman Empire then annexed by the Austro-Hungarians, Mostar has changed little over the years and its appearance reflects this multitude of influences. There are 16th century mosques, Turkish houses and the fine 19th century town hall which could have been transplanted from central Europe! You can still see and hear skilled artisans making all sorts of metal goods in their tiny workshops much as they must have done for hundreds of years.  Mostar’s principal claim to fame is its amazing bridge linking the two halves of the old town. Constructed of stone centuries ago, it was
damaged during the 1990s but has been totally reconstructed as a symbol of reconciliation. We then continue to Dubrovnik where another comfortable hotel awaits for our four night stay in the city. The hotel provides us with an excellent relaxing base for continuing our tour. We’ll enjoy a fine welcome meal together in the heart of Dubrovnik.   (B, D)

Day six - Friday, September 13th - Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik, an independent city-state for much of its history, has evolved differently to the rest of Croatia. The city threw off its Venetian masters in medieval times and founded a commercial empire trading with the eastern Mediterranean, France, Spain and later the Ottoman Empire.  As so often happens, the city started to display it’s wealth. Today this wonderfully beautiful baroque city nestles behind its huge imposing ramparts in a situation of outstanding natural beauty. The main avenue, lined by unspoiled intimate cafes, is completely paved with marble,  which dazzlingly reflects the midday sun, giving credence to its description ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’. Throughout the city you will find a wonderful array of monasteries, beautifully decorated churches and civic buildings dating from the 14th century, reflecting Dubrovnik’s outstanding artistic heritage.  This morning we have a guided walking tour seeing all this and more, and during the afternoon you are free to explore the town
at your leisure. As always, Philippe will be on hand 
should you need any assistance in making the most of your
afternoon, of if you need help to find a place to have dinner on your own.  Oftentimes, even on a “free” night, Philippe plans a casual outing for tour members who want to eat together. (B)

Day seven - Saturday, September 14th - Dubrovnik
Today you have a free day, so what is it to be? Enjoy a coffee on the main square, watching the world go by, take
a relaxing cruise around the picturesque harbor crammed with luxurious looking yachts, take a stroll around the city walls, soak up the sunshine, enjoy a leisurely lunch or perhaps simply catch up on some reading. The choice is yours. Philippe will have several activities and walks planned for those of you who wish to join.
(B, D)

Day eight - Sunday, September 15th - visit Montenegro, return to Dubrovnik
Today we take the short drive south to one of Europe’s newest countries, the outstandingly beautiful Montenegro. We soon cross the border, still following the sapphire-blue coastline. Prepare to be truly amazed by the views we take in en route! Our journey takes us around a huge inland sea, which resembles a lake with the topography rather reminiscent of Switzerland. Reflections of the surrounding mountains dance on the water whilst sleepy, picturesque and beautifully timeless fishing villages line the shoreline.  Our first stop is the medieval town of Kotor, nestling below a mountainside, in probably Montenegro’s most dramatic setting. Walled, with a labyrinth of cobbled streets surrounding its Orthodox Cathedral that radiate to quiet intimate squares, it really is a delight to explore.  Its bustling market really is from yesteryear, with individual stalls selling local homemade cheese, cured hams, honey and Mediterranean vegetables of every colour, shape and size in a refreshingly eclectic manner! You can try some of the local wine too, which, despite its lack of international exposure, really is rather good – and exceptional value.  We continue our journey visiting the medieval town of Budva and then cross the inland sea by boat returning to Dubrovnik at the end of the
afternoon. Tonight we’ll have a very nice farewell meal together in the heart of Dubrovnik. (B, D)

Day nine - Monday, September 16th - Dubrovnik
This morning, after a hearty breakfast, Philippe will take you to Dubrovnik’s Airport where you will board a return flight home. (B)

Itinerary is subject to change

Rate includes:
- all your hotel accommodations
- all land, rail and ferry transportation
- 7 breakfasts, 6 dinners
- entrance fees to all of the activities in the itinerary / and much more! Call us for details!
- kindly note that these rates are “land-only” and do not include airfare.

Cost: $4100.00
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