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 Welcome to Yamato Travel Bureau
(CST No. 1019309-10)

Dear valued clients, supporters and friends,

YAMATO TRAVEL BUREAU was founded on September 1, 1957, by my father, Eddie K. Yamato.  This was 60 years ago, and thanks to the loyal support of our valued clients and many friends, we have enjoyed a long time of helping travelers in their travel experiences all over the world. 

With new challenges brought on by the ever-increasing information on the internet, and after much thought and consideration, Yamato Travel Bureau will be closing its office in Little Tokyo at the end of 2018.  There are projects in 2019 and onward, so some of us will be working from our home offices after 2018. 

My loyal staff and I are sincerely grateful for your long support to Yamato Travel Bureau and wish everyone “happy traveling” for as long as your health continues to allow you to do so.  Traveling is very educational and enlightening and will bring you many days of happy memories!

With warmest wishes to each and every one of you for a very Happy and Healthy 2018!

Peggy T. Mikuni

Yamato Travel Bureau

peggy@yamatotravel.com          213 680-0311—direct

Staff:  Masako Kakimoto, Noreen Tanamachi-Liu, Shari Masuda, Sandy Abe, Sharon Seto, Philippe Theriault, Shigeru Shinohara, Nerry Miyahira, Keiko Kawashima, BJ Watanabe, 
Don Corley and Betty Jue 

We will still have tours and cruises for 2018, so please join one of them and help us make it a banner year before we close our office i
n Little Tokyo at the end of 2018.  With many thanks!

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